Mary Agyemang Takes Gospel Music To Another Level

Mary Agyemang

Mary Agyemang is a sensational gospel musician who has touched many lives with her inspirational and ‘healing’ songs.

The songstress, who has performed on a number of gospel music platforms, is gradually becoming a force to reckon with when it comes to delivering Holy Spirit-filled gospel songs.

In an interview with BEATWAVES, Ms. Agyemang disclosed that “I want to take gospel music to another level so that it reaches out to many communities with a message that is able to transform people’s lives for the better.”

“We should keep gospel music alive by working hard, composing songs that inspire, teach and motivate people to do good,” she said.

According to her, gospel music is a powerful tool used in provoking the presence of God, “and I want people to know that salvation is for everyone regardless of age, nationality or race.”

Ms. Agyemang added, “My mission is to make sure that the message carried in my songs touches souls and strengthens people faced with life challenges. I have to win souls to God through music and that is my calling.”

The musician, who is currently riding high with his ‘Medea Ne Wo’ single, expressed her happiness with the response and support she is getting from her fans in Ghana and beyond.

She defined gospel music as the voice of God which is understood by all nations, ethnicity, personality, history and cultures in all languages.

Some of her songs are ‘Mpaebo’, ‘Di Wo Hene’, ‘Mpranpran Nyame’, ‘Mehwe Nyame’, ‘Gyae Adwendwene’, among others.