MOFA Gospel Band Set For American Tour


Members of the MOFA Gospel Band

Ghanaian gospel band, MOFA, has been busy rehearsing its unique African approach to presenting the gospel as it readies for its upcoming tour of the United States.

MOFA members are excited about the impending tour scheduled to start at the end of September 2022 and end in January 2023. Experienced music tour and bookings outfit, is at the core of the tour programme.

Different musicians have adopted a variety of approaches to spreading Christianity through music. To MOFA, the ideal route is to tell the Christian story through music with African vibes.

Ghana and Africa have wonderful, soul-touching rhythms and MOFA has resolved to showcase a lot of those rhythms in its repertoire. That’s why it aptly describes itself as a Gospel Cultural Band.

The stature and acclaim of some of the artistes that inspire MOFA is testimony of the lofty heights it aspires to attain. Acts MOFA draws inspiration from include Sonny Okosun, Don Moen, Paapa Yankson, Lucky Dube and Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

The group, made up of members from different Christian denominations, came into existence in 2017. It was formed through a music talent hunt dubbed Touch God Talenta. Display of their exceptional talents has been sustained since then and they are anxious to demonstrate their brand of absorbing gospel music to audiences across the United States.

“America has produced some of the most endearing gospel musicians the world has ever seen. But the truth remains that there is no single approach to preaching the word of God through music,” a member of the Afromondo@aol .com tour promotion team pointed out.

“There are so many unique ways to tell about God and that’s why the upcoming MOFA tour is set to open more eyes to the various ways one can preach God through exciting music (sic).”

Apart from its soul-lifting messages, MOFA has gripping stagecraft that always augments the quality of the music it presents. Audiences have been left spellbound by the energy and visual appeal of the group’s performances.

MOFA has recorded two albums. Tracks on the collections include ‘African God’, ‘Nyame Aye’, ‘Otumfu Nyame’, ‘He Is Yahweh’, ‘None Like You’ and ‘The Saints’. The band’s big aim for the American tour is to let everyone know that Ghana and Africa has world-class gospel performers that deserve wider recognition everywhere.


By George Clifford Owusu