Akosua Agyapong Under FireAs Rex Omar Fights Back



One of Ghana’s veteran highlife musicians, Rex Omar, has called on Akosua Agyapong to desist from making baseless allegations of misappropriation of funds against the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) and its board members.

Born Rex Owusu Marfo, the former board chairman of GHAMRO, said Akosua Agyapong’s accusations are far from right and should not be given listening ears.

According to him, any group or persons who claim to have evidence that GHAMRO is not making judicious use of their money should trigger legal actions to seek accountability.

Akosua Agyapong has accused the leadership of GHAMRO of embezzling funds belonging to the rights owners and also enriching themselves as a result of poor monitoring and accountability.

Akosua Agyapong, who has constantly trumpeted the rot at the royalty collection and distribution organisation, also expressed disappointment in board members of the collective society.

The female highlife musician however, called for reforms into the operations of GHAMRO, adding that there was no transparency, accountability and equitable distribution of royalties to the rights owners.

Reacting to claims Akosua Agyapong made concerning the collection and distribution of funds by the organisation, Rex Omar exhorted her to avoid badmouthing and seek better understanding of issues before making public pronouncements.

He added that Akosua Agyapong must allow persons elected to lead the group to do their work because she cannot, in any way, execute a single task when given same opportunity.

Rex Omar indicated that the board members of the collective society are striving to be transparent and accountable. However, some people have made up their minds to not pay attention or believe whatever is being said.

“In this life, there are two groups of people – there is somebody who says ‘I don’t know (understand) and explain to me’ and then somebody who would also say ‘I don’t know but whatever you want to explain I don’t care (about it); I’ve made up my mind and this is what I think’.

“We have majority of people like that. One of them like Akosua Agyapong. Since KojoAntwi’s time, she’s been going from television to radio stations saying ‘GHAMRO is stealing money, I have documents. If you have a proof that anybody has stolen GHAMRO money, it’s criminal. Take those documents, report and let the person be arrested; then, you have a case.”

He stated that people cannot jump “from one radio station to another” making accusations just for the sake of it.“Common restaurant you couldn’t run. It’s a joke,” Rex Omar teased.