To ASEPA, A Cul De Sac

Mensah Thompson has eventually met his nemesis. His latest mendacious publication as usual on the presidential jet has exposed and dented the little integrity still hanging on the skeleton of his so-called Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability (ASEPA).

His obsession with the presidential jet is beyond imagination. That this has pushed him to the embarrassing situation in which he now finds himself is unsurprising.

He appears to have had a dream about the President’s family embarking on a trip to the United Kingdom via the FALCON-EX presidential jet and not realizing that he was in a trance he hurriedly put out this out on social media. He failed to tell us that it was a mid-harmattan dream driven by an inordinate obsession with the presidential jet and to impugn the reputation of the President and his family.

With the Ghana Armed Forces, keepers of the said presidential jet describing his story as a figment of his imagination and the fact that the task order, record of the movement of aircraft of the Ghana Air does not have any such trip, he has been dealt a blow he can hardly recover from.

With the traits of a mongrel, tail tucked behind its hind legs, this man has had to eat a humble pie as he puts out a retraction of his spurious story.

Must we allow as a people such characters to throw spanners in the works of our democracy?

The ilk of the disgraced and crestfallen Mensah Thompson have done a lot of damage to distinguished personalities in society and must be taken on when they fall the way the ASEPA man has done.

We should not allow the freedom of expression to be abused the way persons who are deficient of integrity are doing in the media space in the country.

They hide behind social media and hurl all manner of mendacious stories in their bid to provide impetus to the agenda to their political godfathers.

We find his retraction as lacking sufficient remorse its negative effect on the integrity of the Armed Forces and for that matter National Security too costly to be ignored.

Exuding inordinate arrogance he even included in his so-called apology that he is awaiting a correspondence from the GCAA an indication that his regret is anything but sincere. What better proof is there about the movement of the presidential jet than the task order of the Ghana Air Force.

We are appalled that such a character has been allowed to use his so –called ASEPA to damage the integrity of good people of this country whose only fault is that they opted to serve their people in politics.

We find it reprehensible that Mensah Thompson did not find it important to apologise to the President and his family for spreading lies about them.

We are excited that the Ghana Armed Forces have referred the matter to the IGP to investigate the so-called apology notwithstanding.

We have no doubt in our minds that the IGP would do a good job of the subject.

With the laws about the electronic dissemination of malicious material unambiguously spelt out in the laws of the land, it is our wish that Mensah Thompson will be arrested and prosecuted in accordance with the existing and relevant laws.

We have endured too much of such spurious stories from persons who lack credibility yet embark on issues of political morality. A test case is in our hands.