Go Back To Your Husband: Cecilia Marfo To Joyce Blessing

Joyce Blessing and husband

The marriage of popular gospel musician Joyce Blessing was the talk of the internet over the weekend after a video recording of a surprising incident involving her and fellow gospel musician turned prophetess, Cecilia Marfo went viral on social media.

The video was an excerpt from Unity Group of Companies’ annual thanksgiving service, where Cecilia Marfo stormed the stage while Joyce Blessing was performing to take a microphone she was using from her.

Cecilia, who was believed to  have been possessed by the Holy Spirit, spoke  in  its language and said God was using Joyce Blessing for his work but what was left with her was to go back to her marriage.
“My daughter, if you will listen to me, go back and take your marriage. I called you with love and so you should know the life you have is not yours. I’ve made you a queen so listen to me and go back to your husband. I’ve sent you already; lady, go and take your husband, my spirit is using you,” Cecilia said.

Intermittently, she fused her statement with tongues-speaking.

The video went viral on many social media platforms which led to many people ‘trolling’ Cecilia Marfo.

While some condemned Cecilia Marfo on the grounds that she disgraced Joyce Blessing, others saw nothing wrong because it was the spirit of God speaking through her.  Those who also agreed or believed she was influenced by the spirit questioned which kind of spirit it was.

Both personalities are however yet to talk about the incident but weekend media reports alleged that Joyce Blessing’s management was not happy about the incident.

Joyce Blessing’s marriage has reportedly been in trouble since May 2020. Indications are that she and the husband are currently wide apart. Reasons for their separation remain a rumour. But “the Holy Spirit” through Cecilia says she should go back.

By Francis Addo