I Don’t Do Hookups– Vivian Jill

Vivian Jill


Actress, Vivian Jill Lawrence, has denied claims that she is among Kumawood actresses who engage in sexual activities for material gains.

According to her, she doesn’t rely on men for money. She has a business she runs aside from acting.

In an interview on Hello FM, Vivian Jill said hookup for instance is a no-no for her.

“Some of us have been tagged in a certain light so if you raise some accusations against us, it serves as a confirmation.

You know that I work like a beast. Not too long ago, I started loading charcoal to Tema,” she revealed.

“Asides from acting, some of us have things to do. Even this morning, I have gone to do some work rounds before coming here.

“I don’t do hookups. I haven’t even heard of it until recently. In our time, you can’t even date someone you don’t know, how much more being invited by a stranger? You can’t say some things and expect us to keep quiet over it,” she added.