Melissa Mintah To Represent Ghana At Miss Globe Pageant

Melissa Mintah


Melissa A. Mintah, a 25-year-old graduate of Central University, has been chosen as the representative of Ghana at the highly esteemed Miss Globe pageant, scheduled to take place in Albania on November 18, 2023.
Melissa’s journey from her law degree to the international stage is marked by her unwavering commitment to creating positive change and eradicating poverty.
Melissa’s passion for justice and helping others led her to pursue a law degree, but her inspiration to enter the world of pageantry came from the remarkable work of actress and humanitarian Priyanka Chopra, known for her advocacy for women and children’s rights.
This influence ignited Melissa’s desire to make a difference in her community.
Motivated by her deep-seated commitment, Melissa founded the “No More Streetism” project, a noble initiative focused on alleviating poverty in Ghana. The project encompasses five core pillars: provision of 1necessities, healthcare access improvement, promotion of education, skills training, and provision of shelter.
Melissa believes that by addressing these critical areas, she can significantly impact the lives of those affected by poverty.
Melissa’s dedication to her cause did not go unnoticed. She participated in the prestigious Miss Malaika pageant, where she emerged as a top 10 delegate, impressing judges and audiences alike with her grace, intelligence, and beauty. This success led to her selection as Ghana’s representative at the Miss Africa Calabar Pageant in Nigeria, where she secured the title of 3rd runner-up, affirming her status among Africa’s top beauty queens.
Now, Melissa is gearing up to represent Ghana at the globally renowned Miss Globe competition in Albania.
This international pageant celebrates beauty, culture, and social impact, providing Melissa with a platform to amplify her advocacy for poverty eradication.
She is eager to inspire others and raise awareness about the issue of poverty in her country and beyond.
To achieve her goals at the Miss Globe competition, Melissa calls upon all Ghanaians for their unwavering support. She encourages her fellow countrymen and women to vote for her on the official Miss Globe website, By casting their votes, Ghanaians can actively contribute to Melissa’s mission and help shed light on the pressing issue of poverty in their nation.
Melissa A. Mintah is not just a beauty queen; she is a compassionate force of change, driven by a burning desire to create a positive impact. Through her work with the “No More Streetism” project and her participation in international pageants, Melissa is poised to make a lasting impression on the world and inspire others to join her in the fight against poverty.