Nigel Gaisie Makes U-Turn On Alleged Black Sherif Prophecy

Black Sherif, Nigel Gaisie

The leader of the True Word Prophetic Fire Ministries, Prophet Nigel Gaisie has made some clarifications concerning his alleged prophecy on the Ghanaian international act, Black Sherif.
Many media outlets last week reported that the renowned Prophet of God revealed in a Facebook post that he had a vision where he saw the mother of Black Sherif crying and urged the family to commit the person in question into prayers.
“They will say, why didn’t you say it! Why did you say it? Ever way, I will say it I am very aware some will come and abuse me, though they no very well that I am a very trusted voice in the prophetic. I have come to accept it and calls it Occupational Hazards. Let the family of Sheriff Black ….Pray For Him And Talk To Him Deeply, I I Didn’t Like What I Saw About Him Some Few Minutes Ago…..Life Is Priceless. I saw the mother crying uncontrollably (if nothing is done about this, Ghana will not hear a good news maybe before December),” he stated.
But in an interview on United Showbiz on Saturday night, the outspoken man of God emphatically stated that his prophecy was about Sherif Black, not Black Sherif as reported earlier.
“We prophesy in a bit, l heard Sherif Black in the spiritual realm, not Black Sherif in each way it came the wise one can make his projections and deductions out of it, “he said.
He further indicated that the prophecy of God comes figuratively hence if a declaration is made and one feels it about his life the individual can do the needful by fasting and praying to revert the calamities. He also lamented at the rates at which prophets are attacked after making declarations especially when it related to a popular individual in the country.
“People will insult you whenever you prophesy on a popular person’s life. They have the perception that you made those statements to chase clout or want attention whichever way it seems when a prophetic declaration is made in your life you pray about it,” he added.
He also warned Ghanaians not to take his prophetic declarations for granted as many of his prophecies made over the years have come to pass.
He made this statement after being asked whether the camp of Black Sherif has reached out to him following his prophecy.


By Prince Fiifi Yorke