NPP Group Advocates Akan Running Mate For Bawumia

Dr Mahamudu Bawumia

A research group within the governing New Patriotic Party, the Patriotic Intelligence Network (PIN), has urged the party’s flagbearer, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, to consider a running mate with an Akan background ahead of the 2024 general elections.

According to the group, selecting a running mate with an Akan background is essential to consolidate the party’s votes in the eight Akan-dominated regions and to enhance the chances of the flagbearer.

In a statement signed by Michael Ntiamoah Boadu, Director of the group, they indicated that apart from the campaign, the flagbearer, when elected as president, would need a vice-president who is associated with the majority group in Ghana, hence the suggestion of an Akan running mate.

“At this crucial point, the Flagbearer will have to exercise sound discretion and circumspection and settle on a compromise candidate with the capacity to mobilize voters nationwide, especially in the eight Akan Regions, and cooperate with him in government,” the statement said.


However, the group cautioned the flagbearer not to settle on an Akan candidate burdened with negatives or whose selection could derail the party’s success. They expressed concern about the ongoing developments in the Ashanti region where the desire to become a running mate seems to be causing division.

“This development portends danger that may deepen the party’s woes if lessons are not learned to guide the choice of the Running Mate. It’s worrying to hear the energetic members of the party in the Ashanti Region, who will certainly constitute the revolutionary team of the campaign, threatening a boycott if their preferred choice is not selected as Vice Presidential Candidate,” the statement noted.

“Uncharacteristically, members of the various factions in the Ashanti Region are so entrenched in their positions that a choice from either camp will deepen the cracks instead of fostering political cohesion and comradeship among Ashanti NPP members,” it added.

The group is therefore urging the flagbearer to look beyond individuals aligned with various factions in the Ashanti region and consider a neutral person from the region or “a credible, affable, and young person from Brong Ahafo, the home region of Prof. K.A. Busia, with social ties to Eastern or Ashanti”.

“Coming events, they say, cast their shadows before them; a Running Mate from the Ashanti Region, the bulwark of NPP, will potentially chase the Elephant into the bush, as the two factions have resolved to work against each other should they lose in their bid. In this circumstance, the party’s utmost interest would be served if the Vice Presidential Candidate is chosen outside these groups,” the statement said.

-BY Daniel Bampoe