$450m Refinery To Boost Ghana’s Manganese

Martin Ayisi during 7th Annual Mining


Martin Ayisi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Minerals Commission, has stated that the Government of Ghana and a Chinese manganese company have formed a strategic partnership to establish a $450 million refinery in Ghana.

According to him, the goal of this project is to add value to the country’s manganese production.

Speaking at the 7th Annual Mining on Top Africa Summit in Paris, France, Mr. Ayisi stated that the project is expected to enhance Ghana’s manganese revenue from 27% to over 40%.

He underscored the likely economic impact of the proposed refinery, stating that it will provide about 400,000 jobs for Ghanaian youth.

He emphasized the government’s intention to start refinery construction in August 2024, highlighting Ghana’s commitment to modernizing the mineral industry through its Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources.

Mr Ayisi stated that, while Ghana has been exporting raw manganese since 1916, the new government is committed to stopping this practice and creating value domestically.

He also declared the government’s plans  to create a lithium mine by the end of 2024, with the project expected to take 22 months to complete.
For him, this will strengthen local processing skills and provide value to Ghana’s natural resources.
He advised other African countries to replicate Ghana’s example of grassroots participation in mineral resource ventures.

He suggested local ownership of shares in mining companies and pushed for regulations that allow locals profit from the value chain.

Along with emphasizing the value of stable government for long-term alliances, Mr. Ayisi counseled investors to research a nation’s policies and practices before making a commitment.


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