4th Ghana Poultry Day Launched

Nana Akyaa Akosa presenting packaged chicken to a participant at the launch


AgriHouse Foundation initiative has launched the 4th edition of the Ghana Poultry Day celebration in Accra.

This annual event serves as a rallying point to highlight the relevance, nutritional values, health benefits, and myriad opportunities within the poultry value chain.

In a statement read on his behalf, Director of the Animal Production Directorate at the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Jonas Asare, highlighted the potential of the poultry industry to create jobs, especially for women and the youth in the country.

He emphasized that the poultry sector could stimulate economic activities such as input supply production, processing, and marketing, leading to job creation, economic growth, and development.

Mr. Asare stressed the government’s commitment to addressing the challenges faced by the poultry sector and called on all stakeholders to play significant roles in revitalising the industry.

He however raised concerns about the Ghanaian poultry farmers’ inability to compete with their Brazilian, European, and Asian counterparts due to the high cost of feed.

He pointed out that poultry feed constitutes approximately 70% of production costs and any marginal change in the price of production units affects profitability significantly.

Mr. Manye also noted other challenges faced by Ghanaian poultry farmers, such as high costs of day-old chicks, vaccines, utilities, and the lack of quality processing facilities.

Mr. Asare mentioned several government programmes and projects aimed at addressing the array of issues in the sector, including Livestock Development, National Livestock Service Project, and Ghana Poultry Project.

He emphasised that these efforts are part of the broader initiative to revive the poultry sector.

Founder and Executive Director, Agrihouse Foundation,   Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa urged the government to introduce initiatives and programmes to enhance the poultry industry’s competitive advantage over imported poultry products and promote local chicken and egg consumption across the country.

She also called on industry players to collaborate with the government to address emerging challenges facing the sector and encouraged Ghanaians to consume local poultry produce and eggs to reduce imports.

Coordinator for Ghana National Egg Campaign Secretariat, Comfort Kyerewaa Acheampong, proposed that the government declares July 1st as “Egg Day” to promote local chicken consumption and highlight the nutritional benefits of eggs.

Chairman of the Greater Accra Regional Association of Poultry Farmers, Gifty Rodor, urged the government to prioritise the poultry industry and implement policies that would ensure the country’s food security and sovereignty.


By Prince Fiifi Yorke