AG Charges Kasoa Teenage

CHARGED! Felix Nyarko and Nicholas Kwame Kini

The Attorney General (AG) has directed the police to officially charge Nicholas Kini and Eric Nyarko who reportedly killed 11-year old Ishmael Mensah for ritual purposes at Lamptey Mills, near Kasoa in the Central Region.

Chief Inspector Ernest Agbo disclosed to the Ofaakor District Court, the police has received advice from the AG’s office which has directed them “to charge the accused persons with the offences of conspiracy to commit crime to wit murder.”

Also, he said the police had investigation charge statements from the accused persons and sent them to the AG for further directions.

“We are, therefore, waiting for bail of indictment and summary of evidence from AG’s office for same to be served on the accused persons for committal proceedings to commence,” he said.

Samuel Attuah, defence counsel for the teenagers, indicated that his outfit was waiting for the green light from the AG to pave way for the trial to begin.

Noting that he had filed for bail for his clients, he added that the bail application was billed to be heard next week.

The case has meanwhile been deferred to July 15, this year.

Nicholas Kini and Eric Nyarko allegedly lured Ishmael Mensah, a playmate of theirs, into an uncompleted building and battered his head with a club and cement blocks, rendering his body lifeless.

In an attempt to escape being caught, they interred Ishmael in a building. According to the police, the teenagers said they did that to enable them recover the boy’s body in the night to be sent for money rituals.

The nation was shocked about the news, especially considering the age of Kini and Nyarko, and their hunger to register quick success without formal work.

The two teenagers allegedly killed 11-year- old Ishmael Mensah in April, this year, for ritual purposes.