Axim Youth Centre Almost Complete

NYA CEO (in cap) with Catherine Afeku and other dignitaries inspecting the facility


The Axim Youth Resource Centre is almost complete, Pius Hadzide, CEO of the National Youth Authority (NYA) has said.

At the inspection of the modern centre yesterday, the NYA boss said the facility is at the advanced stages of completion, and expected to be handed over to the NYA and later to the Youth and Sports Ministry by the end of April.

He poured cold water on wild allegations that his outfit has wasted $20m on the ten projects dotted around the country.

Rather, he corrected the wrong impression that close to $11.5m has been expended on the ten facilities and has not been abandoned as bandied about.

And responding to why it has taken longer period to complete than the original nine-month stipulated period, he said the scope changed, which factored in additional facilities like two additional stands, making it four and walls, a hostel facility, as well as ticketing booths.

He also pointed out that the governing board of NYA thought it to be economically viable if they concentrate on five of the ten at a time.

And to the former Deputy Sports Minister, that has paid off, using the completion of the Ho facility as a classical example, justifying the board’s decision.

“…there is no way we would stand in the way of President Akufo-Addo’s special interest in youth development and providing a platform like this for them. It is not true that the projects have been abandoned. You know the president’s interest in youth development and infrastructure in the Fourth Republic is unparalleled,” said the NYA chief.

Lead consultant for phase two of the project, Edward Nyinatoh of Ugah Services, explained that heavy rainfall in Axim has also been one of the reasons for the project delay.

He said the project is 83.3% completed.

The FIFA standard facility houses an eight lane tartan tracks, a pitch, basketball and volleyball courts, ICT centre, a hostel and restaurant, and youth excellence centre.

From Kofi Owusu Aduonum, Axim