B5 Plus Offers Free Oxygen Refill

Mike Mukesh Thakwani

B5 PLUS Limited has given a huge relief to the Covid-19 fight by offering free oxygen refilling to all Government and Private hospitals in the country.

According to the company, the free oxygen supply which commenced in March 2020 will continue till the day Covid-19 is defeated in the country.

CEO of B5 Plus Ltd, Mike Mukesh Thakwani, who announced this package, said the company as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) geared up towards supporting the needy decided to invest much of the CSR towards this free Oxygen refilling initiative considering how crucial the fight of the Covid-19 virus had become recently.

He observed that the new wave of the virus which had seen a rise in the mortality rate required more efforts towards saving lives, adding, “As a good corporate citizen who cares about mother Ghana, we deem it fit to support the country with oxygen which is much needed in the emergency Intensive Care Units (ICU).”

Mr. Thakwani urged government to step up its efforts towards combating the Covid-19 virus by enforcing all safety protocols outlined in a bid to ensure economic activities were done in a safe manner.

B5 Plus Company is the largest steel manufacturing company in the country which employs a huge number of workers with lots of dependants. The company invests a lot in other sectors of the economy as part of its CSR.

B5 Plus has constructed one of the largest, strategic state-of-the-art steel manufacturing plants in Africa at Larkpleku Village, Prampram, under the 1D1F (One District One Factory) programme. It constructed the plant in line with the government’s vision with a mission to promote ‘Made in Ghana’ products.

Chairman of the Association of Ghana Industries, Dr. George Dawson–Ahmoah, highly commended the initiative of B5 Plus management and urged all other companies to emulate by enhancing their CSR for the betterment of Ghana.

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