Black Stars At Last Time Up


TODAY, GHANA will commence its 2022 World Cup campaign. It is the culmination of several months of preparations by the Sports Ministry, Ghana Football Association, the Technical Team and the players.

This is that time in the life of a politically polarised nation such as ours when all come together to support the national team. President Akufo-Addo, as expected, has encouraged the Black Stars to go, go and go in the tournament.

Former President John Dramani Mahama has not been left out of the litany of encouragements to the team. He has urged the team to go on and impress the world with Ghana’s peculiar soccer. Regardless of our political differences, now is the time to come together as one nation to support our national team. He could not have put it better.

We, at the DAILY GUIDE, join the rest of our compatriots to encourage the Black Stars to make their nation proud.

Ghanaians are passionate about soccer and would do all that they can to encourage their national team when it is in action against others. We expect to see this show of solidarity when like today, the Black Stars go into action.

We beat Switzerland in a friendly, a win which is two-pronged. The win will definitely raise our morale and can also lead to complacency, a dangerous state of mind when going into a major soccer duel against a major national team such as Portugal.

Our players should listen to the coach and the technical team in all that they do. They should remember that one man does not make a team. Coming together to raise the banner of the country is the best way to go. It is only this feat and not individualism that can bring victory for the nation.

We have earned for our nation a soccer niche which should be protected by all means. We cannot afford to lose the glory built for us over the years since the days of the Republicans, Standfast to mention a few.

The names of the Baba Yaras, Osei Kofis, CK Gyamfis and the Salami Gbadamoshis are still fresh in our minds. Our players should remember our beautiful history and let the fighting spirit push them to greater heights.

Discipline is critical in soccer as it is in all sports. We, therefore, expect our players to let this attribute guide them from the beginning of the tournament to the time when the curtains will be drawn over it.

Sports at the international stage play important roles in the image of a nation. That is why in spite of the economic challenges facing the nation, our participation is nonetheless considered a critical national assignment requiring state support.

We wish the Black Stars Godspeed tomorrow and beyond.