Citizens Attitude Must Change – Diana Asamoah

Diana Asamoah


Gospel musician and evangelist, Diana Asamoah, has emphasised the importance of attitudinal change in Ghana, stating that even with Jesus as president, it is essential for citizens to change their behaviours and attitudes for true progress to occur.

While acknowledging the role of political governance in the lives of citizens, Diana Asamoah cautioned that blaming leadership exclusively is insufficient when people do not exhibit good attitudes in their daily affairs.

During her appearance on the United Showbiz programme on September 30, 2023, she expressed her views on the current state of the world and Ghana’s hardships. She firmly asserted, “The whole world is in a crisis, and many of the hardships we face are a result of our actions. I have always maintained that even if Jesus becomes president and we don’t change our attitudes, we won’t have it right.”

Diana Asamoah highlighted the biblical principle that blessings come to those who are truthful, and that rushing through life often leads to unfavourable outcomes. She emphasised that individuals must exhibit good morals and behaviours to achieve positive results.

As a known member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Diana Asamoah cited examples of individuals who have engaged in theft and dishonesty, contrasting them with people who have succeeded through godly traits and vocational skills.

The state of Ghana’s economy has been a subject of concern due to challenges such as inflation, currency depreciation, declining living standards, and a high cost of living. Various factors, including the impact of COVID-19 and the Russia-Ukraine war, have been cited as contributing to the economic difficulties.

In her message, Diana Asamoah calls for a collective effort from Ghanaians to adopt better attitudes, emphasising that true progress is achievable when individuals take responsibility for their actions and conduct themselves with integrity and honesty.

Diana Asamoah’s call follows a similar call by rapper Okyeame Kwame who said the responsibility of fixing the country doesn’t only rest on the shoulders of a single individual, particularly those in political power but everyone.