Court Dismisses Cruise People Ltd Case Againt Black Sherif


An Accra High Court has reportedly ruled in favour of musician Black Sherif in a case filed by Cruise People Ltd.

The musician was sued due to the cancellation of the ‘Afro Cruise Jam’ concert in Athens, Greece, where Black Sherif was scheduled to perform in August 2023.

Cruise People Ltd claimed that Black Sherif’s alleged failure to fulfill their agreement resulted in the event’s cancellation and financial losses for the company.

The legal team representing the artist countered, arguing that the court lacked jurisdiction to handle the case.

Despite Cruise People Ltd’s insistence that both parties are Ghanaian and operate within the country, Judge Mariama Sammo sided with Black Sherif’s legal team.

In her decision on November 16, 2023, Judge Sammo highlighted that none of the addresses associated with the contract were located in Ghana.

Consequently, the court had no choice but to dismiss the case against the award-winning musician.