Death Of A Rape Victim

The death of a rape victim after she was referred to the Tamale Teaching Hospital even as the Police continue their hunt for the human predator is not an impressive picture of our society today.

We are poles apart from what our society used to be before modernity.

The 18-year-old girl dying neither setting eyes on her aggressor nor hearing about justice being meted out to him is contrary to what we would have wished.

Unfortunately the foregone is the painful reality we are living with until the justice system catches up with the rogue. She will sadly, not be alive to relish the development anyway.

Society which should have offered her protection against human predators failed her as it has others who were abused and continue to be, their cases hushed up by so-called elders in breach of the law.

The Savelugu rape victim is no more among the living but her death should wake us up from the slumber of not doing enough to stem the unfortunate incidence of rape and defilements now commonplace in society.

It is putting many young girls in particular in danger in the society.

Although we are pleased that the Police know who they are looking for, we cannot say same for the seeming indifference of members of the community in which the aggressor lived.

Members of society could have done better than we are witnessing. Some of them might have assisted the Police which of course led to the law enforcement personnel acquiring his details we think that when all join in the search it would not take long for the undesirable element to be fished out.

It is shameful that so many days after the dastardly act the criminal is still out of reach.

We are pleased to learn that the Northern Regional Police Headquarters has taken up the matter a suggestion that the case has been elevated to an appropriate pedestal where it of course belongs.

It is our wish that having been moved to this notch it would not be long before results pop up.

A rapist/predator outside the four walls of a prison is dangerous and makes females unsafe especially since he can pounce from all directions without notice.

We urge the chiefs in the surrounding areas of Savelugu to engage their town criers to beat the gong gong and announce the presence of a human predator who must be arrested and handed over to the police. We must return to the old time basics if that would unearth the criminals now prowling the public space and make us safer especially our girls.

We are standing by for news about the arrest of the human predator.