Eddie Nartey, Umar Krupp Fight In Video

A video in circulation on social media captures actors Eddie Nartey, and Umar Krupp engaging in a brawl over what is believed to be the ungratefulness of one party.

Eddie had earlier warned he will deal with Umar for crossing the line.

In an Instagram post last Wednesday, he didn’t state exactly what Umar did to him, but he warned him not to be fooled by what people are saying.

He wrote: “@umarkrupp I have had a good friendship with you and we have done a lot of things together. One thing I will not tolerate is when you cross the line. Don’t be fooled by what people are saying, I will F**k you up!”

Umar also took to his Instagram to write, “I reply on my damn self…I fear no man. Always a fighter. Always love and people.”

Their latest video in circulation captured them in a hot argument while someone was filming via a window.  Umar tried to snatch the phone being used to record the video. Other reports said they engaged in a brawl.