EMY Africa Expo To Boost Business Visibility – Kojo Soboh

Dignitaries in a group photograph. INSET: Kojo Soboh


In a bid to enhance the visibility of local businesses in the country, founder of the EMY Africa Award, Kojo Soboh, has emphasized that the EMY Africa Expo was established with the board’s dedication to elevating the business visibility of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Scheduled to run from June 14th – 16th, the Expo will provide businesses in various sectors such as sports, travel, automobiles, arts and culture, health, and fashion with opportunities for networking.

Mr. Soboh said the expo is a premium event that will exhibit businesses, products, and services, along with an integrated consumer experience and entertainment options.

He further mentioned that the three-day weekend-long event will cater to all modern needs and desires. In addition to the business exhibition, there are captivating features of the expo designed to educate and entertain participants throughout the event.

In collaboration with the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), Ghana Tourism Authority, and other organizations, the Expo will include programs like the inspiring Greatness Forum, an art exhibition, forums on business, insurance, and social issues, as well as a fashion show among other events.

The CEO of GIPC, Yofi Grant, commended the organizing team for the EMY Africa Expo and assured them of his support for the success of the event. He emphasized the vast resources available in the country for businesses to explore to reduce unemployment rates.

“This Expo is a commendable initiative for businesses, especially local ones, to thrive as it enables them to network with investors and collaborate with other businesses, both international and local, for trade expansion,” he stated.

Dr. Ofori-Sarpong, Chairman of EMY Africa, encouraged local businesses to leverage the opportunities presented by the Expo to expand their operations.

“This event is open to all, but it also serves as an opportunity for local businesses seeking sponsorship, partnership, and networking to enhance their business visibility and make significant gains,” he highlighted.

By Prince Fiifi Yorke