Entrepreneurs Urged To Partake In ABH Contest

Zahra Baitie-Boateng


Africa’s Business Heroes (ABH) Programme, Managing Director, Africa, Zahra Baitie-Boateng, has urged African entrepreneurs to partake in the ABH competition as the deadline for applications to this esteemed prize has been extended to June 9, 2024.

Baitie-Boateng emphasized that ABH goes beyond being just a competition, as it embodies a transformative ethos that fosters collaboration, visibility, and community-building essential for Africa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The focus of the organization she said extends beyond individual success to collectively strengthening structures and nurturing an environment conducive for innovation and sustainable growth.

Over the past five years, Africa’s Business Heroes (ABH) competition has significantly impacted the African entrepreneurial landscape, with nearly 100,000 entrepreneurs participating and $7 million in prize money awarded to 50 entrepreneurs driving groundbreaking innovations and sustainable business growth.

“This support has led to the creation of over 123,000 jobs, actively addressing unemployment and enhancing economic prosperity across the continent,” Baitie-Boateng stated.

She highlighted ABH’s commitment to promoting women entrepreneurs, with 30% of applicants being women and 47% of prize money awarded to them, ABH has cultivated a vibrant community of African entrepreneurs through initiatives like “Local Hubs,” fostering strong networks within each country and collaborating with an extensive network of ecosystem partners across Africa.

ABH’s impact extends to creating opportunities through its semi-final and grand finale events, showcasing host countries, generating employment, and enhancing skills through international partnerships.

Baitie-Boateng emphasized that ABH serves as a beacon of hope for African entrepreneurs, with all operations, outreach, and community-building efforts driven by this vision.

This vision aligns with the beliefs of founder Mr. Jack Ma, who views the entrepreneurial ecosystem as, “The hope of Africa,” aiming to empower entrepreneurs to drive change across the continent.

Regarding entry criteria, Baitie-Boateng outlined key requirements such as legal registration, a three-year revenue history demonstrating sustainability and growth, and African nationality or descent for applicants.

“Pre-screening ensures the completion of mandatory questions and relevant video content, along with an independent reference. An international panel of experts ensures a thorough and fair evaluation process.”

“By adhering to these criteria, Ghanaian entrepreneurs can effectively prepare their applications for success in the ABH competition,” she said.

By Prince Fiifi Yorke