Evangelist Fetes Widows

Funmi Tayo-Ajimoko in a pose with the widows

EVANGELIST Funmi Tayo-Ajimoko, Founder of Funmi Tayo-Ajimoko Ministry, has feted over 80 widows at Nyaakoma, a suburb of Asamankese, in the Lower West Akim Municipal of the Eastern Region.

As part of the kind gesture, which is through her Balm of Joy Foundation, a non-governmental organization (NGO), she used the opportunity to present some items including clothes, Bible, T-shirts and scarves to them.

She also organized a health screening for them and gave some of the widows free cash as capital to help them set up business. She also dined with them.

Speaking at the short get-together ceremony, Mrs. Funmi Tayo-Ajimoko encouraged the widows to stand firm in the Lord, by giving their lives to Him (God).

She said: “My mission is to serve those in need and be a slave and a source of succor for orphans and widows. I also empower people and families to reach their goals”.

She added that God loves everybody and shows special concern for widows and orphans. She advised the widows to trust and put their faith into action.

 FROM Daniel Bampoe, Nyaakoma