Family Fun Day At MPS Terminal 3

On Saturday 8th June, 20 days to Go-Live at the new Terminal-3 of Tema Port, Meridian Port Services Ltd has held a Family Fun Day in the New Tema Port. The day was set aside for members of staff to bring their families to the new port to have a first-hand experience of the operations of the port as well as to provide an avenue for them to understand what their family members do on a day to day basis.

Each family totaling about 1500 people were taken on specialized tours to see the newly completed berths of Phase 1 with the sophisticated quay cranes engaged in test operations. They were also taken round the yard where the electronic rubber tyre gantry cranes (e-RTGs) have been installed and they also had a full appreciation of the ancillary buildings and technology that has been deployed at various parts of the Port.

A spouse of an Employee had this to say after the tour:

“This is an eye opener for me. I know my husband works in the Harbour but this family day has afforded me the opportunity to really see how port operations in motion. Today is my first time of seeing these huge cranes and how containers are loaded and discharged from a ship. I have gained some knowledge of what goes on in the Tema Harbour and so I would say this event is really worth it.”

Mark Nolet , Project Director of the Tema Port Expansion Project, said: “We wanted to have a day where the team at MPS could have a time with their family as well as for them to familiarise with the New Port before we kick start activities on June 28th. “It’s so important that families are aware of what goes on in here, where their loved ones work which is the main reason for planning this event. We believe everyone who attended is having a never experienced time in their lives.

A senior operator’s granddaughter who is a student in one of the nation’s universities expressed her optimism at joining the MPS team in the future.

“I want to work here someday, my grandfather is nearing retirement and I want to take over. I can see myself manning one of the cranes. There aren’t many female crane operators I have heard but I think I can do this with the right training. One day, I would be here to also contribute my quota to national development.”

Mohamed Samara, Chief Executive Officer of MPS said: MPS is one big family, at the core of the company are many families. This New Port is not just for this generation but for the future generation. So, we are bring those who would own the future of this port to come and see what has been built for them.

The day gave the families of staff, specifically the children, the opportunity to interact with the professionals in various departments of the company. The CEO added, “It’s about connecting all the people that work together at MPS and preparing fora thriving future”.