FNB’s BizHub Fosters Business Growth

Dinesh Fakir


First National Bank’s BizHub is empowering businesses to successfully scale up and flourish.

First National Bank CEO for Commercial Banking, Dinesh Fakir, delving into how the Bizhub is supporting business said, “Efficiency is key to growing businesses successfully, that is why we set up the First National Bank BizHub to provide the necessary support services that help businesses at every stage to streamline their operations,”

He explained that these support services include online business banking platforms for seamless transactions, business toolkits to enhance customer experiences, and automated payroll systems that save time and reduce administrative burdens.

“These efficiencies free up resources that can be channeled towards growth-oriented activities,” he added.

Mr. Fakir further explained that one of the most significant hurdles for businesses when scaling up is accessing suitable financing options adding that FNB offers tailored support to cater to the unique financial needs of businesses regardless of the stage of their growth.

“In line with our solutionist mindset, we work with our business customers to develop customized banking solutions that align to their growth plans,” he said.

“These solutions could include working capital lines, equipment financing, structured trade finance. For smaller businesses that may lack elaborate financial records, we provide funding solutions based on their transactional records with First National Bank.

Such valuable market insights are crucial to make data-driven decisions about product offerings, target markets, and expansion strategies,” according to Mr. Fakir.

Mr. Fakir concluded that to harness their potential and successfully scale up, businesses need more than just financial backing.

“They require a holistic support system. That is exactly what the BizHub offers, by combining tailored financial solutions, expert advisory, operational efficiencies, networking opportunities, risk management strategies, market insights and expansion guidance.

With these services at their disposal, businesses can confidently embark on their scaling journey, realizing their ambitions and contributing to economic prosperity,” Mr. Fakir says.


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