Free SHS Is The Reason I Supported NPP– Kalybos

Popular actor Kalybos has shed light on the reason behind his active support for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) during the 2020 general elections, citing the party’s Free Senior High School (SHS) policy as the driving force behind his endorsement.

Kalybos, a notable figure in the entertainment industry, was part of a group of actors who played a pivotal role in the NPP’s campaign, contributing to the party’s victory in the 2020 elections.

In a recent interview on TV3, Kalybos explained that his primary motivation for supporting the NPP was the implementation of the Free SHS policy.

“My aim of supporting the New Patriotic Party was because of their Free SHS policy. Ever since the policy was implemented, I could actually save. That was my point of view. I didn’t go in for any other campaign, so when that was implemented, I had to be selfish for once,” Kalybos expressed.

The actor emphasized the positive impact of the Free SHS policy, stating that it has alleviated significant financial burdens for him and many households. Acknowledging the responsibilities that come with being a breadwinner, Kalybos highlighted the relief provided by the policy, especially in supporting education beyond the senior high school level.

“When you become the breadwinner, there are a lot of responsibilities. I had to get my uncle’s support through university, and the burden becomes 10 times on you. But with free SHS, I have saved a lot of money,” he added.