GCBL Expansion Drive On Course With Appointments of 4 Top Business Leaders


The Global Chamber of Business Leaders (GCBL) has, as part of its growing efforts to connect business leaders and executives from around the world on a safe and secure platform, appointed four top business leaders.

Drawn from Brazil, Canada, Pakistan and Israel, the new appointees are to serve GCBL for a period of two years, respectively.

The new appointees are: Samuel Shay, Shakeela Naz, Clementina Moreira Alves, and Miloud Alain Hussene.


Mr. Samuel Shay, a visionary entrepreneur and leader in the field of advanced technological solutions for sustainable development, joins GCBL as a member of its Board of Advisors.

The Founder and President of Gulf Technologies Systems, a leading Israeli company, Mr. Shay, who has a strong background in technology and innovation, is known for his creative ideas and groundbreaking projects that have the potential to transform countries and improve the lives of their citizens.

He has been at the forefront of developing and implementing advanced technologies in various sectors, including agriculture, water management, renewable energy and environmental quality.

Shakeela Naz, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of S. Naz. Rajput Global Entrepreneurship, a company established for women and economic empowerment, becomes the first person to be appointed as GCBL Delegate in Pakistan.

She joins GCBL with vast experience and knowledge of the global business community, having served as a Founder and Chief Executive Officer of a financial consultancy in the United Arab Emirates.

Clementina Moreira Alves has been appointed GCBL Board Member in Brazil.

She is the Founder and CEO of Agência Íntegra Brasil, a company that has been working for two decades in development strategies, solutions and cooperation businesses in the Brazilian energy matrix, health and agribusiness. She is also President of the Brazilian Institute of Responsible Action. Clementina has, in her path, recognition and notoriety in the Brazilian scenario, as Coordinator of Socio-Environmental Economics at the Brazilian Institute of Economics at FGV; General Coordinator at the Ministry of Development, Industry and Commerce and Services at the Federal Government of Brazil; UN consultant; General Manager of the Brazilian Institute of the United Nations Environment Program of UNEP; Researcher at Petrobras’ CENPES, in addition to CNPq and CAPES.

Miloud Alain Hussene is to serve as GCBL Board Member in Canada.

Mr. Hussene is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where he acts as a Commercial Director for a Global Leading Company providing solutions for Ecological Transformation.

As an astute professional, Miloud operates at Corporate Risk & Strategy Management Level, spearheading high-level contract negotiations of major Environmental Projects.

He strongly believes in human progress by firmly committing to the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

He holds two Master’s Degrees in the field of Engineering and is currently an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.


The Global Chamber of Business Leaders is a coalition of governmental leaders, CEOs and executives, entrepreneurs, investors and business and industry leaders who share a common vision: the sustainable well-being and growth of business in a disruptive and ever-evolving global economy.

Global Chamber of Business Leaders prioritizes activities that align with the UN-declared Decade of Action, promoting the importance of the inclusion of the Sustainable Development Goals in the business models of the future, allowing our partners, members, and participants to prepare their businesses to be vanguards of the future.

The GCBL fosters a vibrant and interconnected business community, encouraging resiliency, growth and market expansion in a progressive business environment where collaboration spurs growth; education enhances the ability and promotes opportunity; and advocacy influences authority.