Ghana Needs To Be Intentional About Winning Grammy Awards- Trigmatic


Rapper Trigmatic has emphasized the necessity for Ghana to be intentional about its aspirations to win Grammy Awards.

The musician shared his perspective during an interview on Property FM with Amansan Krakye, expressing the need for strategic efforts and collaboration to enhance the country’s chances of future Grammy nominations.

Trigmatic acknowledged the disappointment this year’s Grammy nomination didn’t yield favorable results for Ghana, urging the nation to focus on strategizing and evaluating potential steps to achieve success in the prestigious music awards.

He emphasized the importance of intentional investments and collaborative efforts from various stakeholders across the country.

In his statement, Trigmatic highlighted the significance of unity, stating that pointing fingers at specific groups of stakeholders and blaming them for any shortcomings would not lead to positive outcomes.

He stressed the necessity for a united front, asserting that collective involvement and support from all parties are crucial in making a significant impact on the global music stage.

“I always say that without being a united front, singling individuals will never cut the deal so it ought to be all involved,” he added.