God Has Nothing To Offer Human Beings, Use Your Brain – Avraham Ben Moshe

Leader and Founder of the Common Sense Family, Avram Moshe, has asked Ghanaians to live a life with their brains for development without solely relying on God.

According to him, human beings should learn how to live and make the world a better place and forget about God.

He made this statement during a discussion with Halifax Ansah Addo on Okay FM’s ‘Best Entertainment Show’ Monday morning.

“We don’t know God, let’s leave him out of the equation, he has nothing to offer human beings. God does not heal the sick, if he does then Christmas with health insurance cards have all deceived themselves. God gave us brains; let’s utilize it for growth and development.

“I don’t intend for people to lose faith in their beliefs, but it’s very important. I basically do with the Quaran in addition. There was God already before bible and Quaran came into existence and our slave masters brought unto us that foreign book described as bible” he said.

He further expressed disappointment about the impression created in the Bible that there is nothing better on this earth to live for.

He added, “The stories in the book, what is its benefit? Noah did an ark for animals to be placed in and so what? Adam and Eve were tempted by a snake, it doesn’t change anything. The several belief systems in the bible – reason why Africans are poor and are lacking development. The concept of we won’t take this world anywhere, place your goodies in heaven has brought upon Africans all these lack of developments.”