Gold Fields PGA Tourney Prize Money Increased

Gold Fields and PGA officials after the launch


The prize money for this year’s (10th edition) Professional Golf Association (PGA) championship has shot to astronomical height.

The decision, according to headline sponsor of the competition, Gold Fields, is to give it a befitting tenth anniversary celebration.

As a result, the total cash prize has seen a sharp increment from GH¢346,000 to GH¢385,000 this year.

At the launch at its corporate office in Accra last Friday, it was announced that the tournament is scheduled to take place from November 29 to December 2 at the Damang Golf Course.

The regular pro champion will pocket a mouthwatering GH¢80,000, a GH¢20,000 increase, while the senior pro champion will take home GH¢25,000, GH¢5,000 more than last year.

Thirty-three Ghanaian regular pros and nine foreign regular pros from Togo, Cote d’Ivoire, Zimbabwe and Nigeria are expected to compete for the coveted 10th anniversary title.

Preceding the Damang championship were qualifiers dubbed ‘Road to Damang’ competitions, held during the year.

Organisers say they have also invited 18 senior pros, made up of 17 Ghanaians and one Nigerian, to participate in the competition.

The Executive Vice President of Gold Fields Ghana, Joshua Mortoti, mentioned at the launch that females will be competing for the first time this year.

He stated, “I’m excited to announce that the anniversary tournament will be welcoming the first group of female golfers who aspire to become pros. They will play for three days and be awarded trophies.”

He added, “They will, however, not receive cash prizes. We hope that the opportunity to participate in this competition will provide them with practical experience, which will sharpen their talent and propel their careers in golf.”

The Professional Golfers Association’s Director of Operations, Padori Ahmed, stated, “I’ve been playing with them since I came from London, and they are all eager to go to Damang. This year will be very difficult and interesting.”

The Chairman of the Organising Committee, Hans de Beer, said a new headline sponsor will soon take over from Gold Fields, but gave the assurance that the mining firm will still be part of the established competition.

By Kofi Owusu Aduonum