I Didn’t Lie About My Wealth – Beverly Afaglo

Beverly Afaglo

Actress Beverly Afaglo has said she still stands by her statement that’s she is not broke as contained in her recent video that went viral.
Speaking on UTV’s United Showbiz programme hosted by Abeiku Santana on Saturday to explain the circumstances that led to her recording the video, she maintained she is a landlady, the father was rich and also she did not lie about not being broke.
“I will not retract this statement anytime, any day because I didn’t lie. So Ghanaians twisting this story saddens me. First and foremost, they didn’t even state the reason why I did this video. My marriage was on the attack. I went to a radio show, I can’t remember who, and the host asked me that nowadays I frequent London a lot. And rumours have it that I may have a boyfriend or lover there who pays for my ticket.
“I thought it was a joke. The next thing, it has been published on tabloids and everywhere. And I said, what kind of joke is this? How much is a ticket to London? They talk as if I am unemployed or I can’t afford a plane ticket. Why should a man sponsor me before I can travel? So I got angry, and I wanted to spell it out,” she said.
“I have been driving since I was 23. I’ve never shown my car. I have never shown my house. I have never worn something which was given to me as an influencer for promotion. I am not that type. So for me to even spell things out like that, should tell you, where I was coming from. You were attacking my marriage, and I was trying to tell you that I work hard,” she continued.
She insisted that she was not retracting her statement.
“I won’t retract that. I won’t change anything. If I said my father was rich, yes, he was rich. I never lied about that. My father has thirty children. So if I say he had properties and thirty people share them, how much would I even get? And if I say I am a landlady, I didn’t lie. Even if I own a single room and take rent from it, am I not a landlady? So I didn’t lie,” she indicated.


By Francis Addo