I Love How I Look When I’m Naked- Michy


Showbiz personality, Michelle Diamond Gbagonah, has given reasons why she won’t go through a surgical procedure to uplift her buttocks.

According to her, she loves her body as it is at the moment. She has no absolute reason to go under the knife.

Michy was speaking on Accra fm with Nana Romeo when she made the revelation.

“In this generation, the ass has become an asset and it looks like there’s a stereotype, there is a type of body you are supposed to have which has become the new normal among women. Off late, when you enhance your butt, you go on holiday, you buy Benz and other cars. I don’t know how that came about but I think you men are the ones investing in that. Because if you ask, they will tell you that is what the men like”, she reportedly said when the issue of buttocks enhancement came up.

When she was asked If she ever did surgery before, she answered in the affirmative.

She admitted that she has undergone some surgeries, not for the buttocks uplift.

She added that she is comfortable with her body shape and sees no need for her to undergo a body enhancement.

“I have been through several surgeries, not just for cosmetics but for other stuff as well. We are lucky to be alive. When I remove my clothes, I love the way I look when I am naked. When I am in a dress, you’ll think I have flat buttocks but when I remove my dress and look into the mirror, I look sexy. I am fit and that is all that matters”, she added.