I Miss Acting; I Will Be Back Soon – Soraya Mensah

Soraya Mensah 

Actress Soraya Mensah says she has missed acting and all the fun that comes with it.

She is, therefore, preparing to return to the big screens very soon.

“Sometimes, I do miss being on the screens. I miss the acting. I miss the fun time on set and all that. You sometimes have the directors screaming at you, I miss all that. I always say that if I have to come back then it has to be a big one. I am working on it. I am sure it is going be next year, I will come back on the screens,” she revealed.

Soraya Mensah, who joined the movie industry in 2009 with her first role in the movie ‘Scorned’, is also known for her roles in movies such as ‘No Sex No Marriage’, ‘Princess Bride’, ‘Supremo’, ‘Material Girl’ and ‘Diary of Imoge Brown’.

She took a break in 2016 when she got married and has since not been active. She is currently managing her private business as the CEO of Zesuza Catering Services & Exceed Business Consult.

Reacting to why she took the long break, she revealed that she was concentrating on her side business.

“I always say if I was still much active in the movie industry, it is still advisable to have something else on the side. I have always said this in the past and I will say it again, you should always have something as a back-up so that you will not find yourself in a desperate situation to take up any kind of role because you are looking for money,” she stated.

“I thought food business is a good business, you can’t go wrong with good food. No matter what people will still eat and they will buy, I got into that business and it is being amazing. We are doing very well. We do all kind of foods. We cater for companies, banks and others. We do deliveries and food for events,” she indicated.

As part of efforts to return onto the screens, she is likely to producer her own movie.

“I thought about producing. There are two things; either I come back to acting or I produce. So, yeah I don’t mind investing in the movie industry. If we can all do something; one way or the other to help the industry then we should,” she added.

By Francis Addo