Janssen Ghana, Health Ministry Urge Collaboration For Cancer Management

Pharmaceutical leaders, Janssen Ghana and the Ministry of Health, Ghana, have called for strong collaboration in the management of cancer in the country and across the African continent.

The call was made as Janssen Ghana unveiled its support programme for prostate cancer patients dubbed; “Hope Accelerated.”

Speaking at the launch on Thursday in Accra, Ghana the Country Manager of Janssen Ghana Priscilla O. Sekyere, observed that all stakeholders should “find ways to collaborate better to bring more hope to the next prostate cancer patients.”

According to her, strong collaborations were key to giving prostate cancer patients hope of living longer and better.

Deputy Minister of Health, Alexander K. K. Abban, explained that there were several challenges confronting Ghana and Africa in the area of cancer management.

“There are challenges with the availability of the necessary tools and equipment for the appropriate diagnosis of some cancers; in some cases, we lack adequate human resources to manage cancers, in other cases we have the personnel, we can diagnose, we know how to manage the condition, the medicines or treatments are available, but our people cannot afford them,” he pointed out to stakeholders at the launch.

Overcoming the challenges therefore, he indicated, requires industry players and governments institutions to forge meaningful partnerships.

“In going forward, three things are key for me and I wish to share them with you for your consideration,” he told stakeholders in a speech read on his behalf.

According to him, the first is that if we really want to overcome the challenge of cancer management, we need to come together. No one person can do it.

He urged that “there must be synergy between academia, healthcare practitioners, civil society organizations, drug companies, governments, payers, the patients and all others.”

The Deputy Minister stressed that “we must each play our roles, yet we must complement the roles of other stakeholders, recognizing that we are all fighting on the same side in the same battle and there is no other option or outcome we seek than to win.”

“Secondly, we must at all times, with every given opportunity, create awareness on cancers to our stakeholders. Different stakeholders need to hear different messages,” he said.

“Lastly and most importantly, we boldly need to confront the financing of cancer treatment in our country and on our continent,” the Deputy Health Minister charged.

The call for partnership comes as Ghana records disturbing cases of prostate cancer.

According to a report published by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (Globocan) in 2018, about 2132 men are newly diagnosed with prostate cancer every year in Ghana.

Out of the above-mentioned figure, 1,098 men die annually from the disease.

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