Kuami Eugene Blasts Keche Over Royalties

Kuami Eugene


Music sensation, Kuami Eugene, has disclosed that he has not received any royalties for his collaboration on the hit song ‘No Dulling’ with music group, Keche.

Despite the song’s considerable success and increased online streams, Kuami Eugene alleges that Andrew and Joshua, the duo comprising Keche, have failed to send him his rightful share of earnings.

Speaking on TV3, Kuami Eugene expressed disappointment, particularly with Keche’s Joshua, referencing their previous media banter where it seemed like he wasn’t given due credit for contributing to the song’s success. He shared, “His gestures, made it look like I didn’t help. It hurts when you don’t sleep because someone knocks at your door at 3 am, and I open my door, and we make it happen, and now the gestures make it look like they did everything by themselves.”

Despite the commercial success of ‘No Dulling’, Kuami Eugene revealed that he is yet to receive any royalties for his involvement in the project. He emphasised the disparity between the song’s financial gains and his compensation. “This same ‘No Dulling’ issues I still don’t have royalties for it…but you are aware you are making money out of it,” he stated.

Remarkably, Kuami Eugene expressed his decision not to confront Keche about the unpaid royalties.

By Francis Addo