Kurt Confirms Re-election Bid

Kurt Okraku


Ghana Football Association President, Kurt Okraku, has officially confirmed his intention to seek re-election in the upcoming Ghana Football Association (GFA) elections.

Okraku made the announcement during the 29th GFA Ordinary Congress in Kumasi, yesterday, where he expressed his determination to continue leading Ghana football. His statement was met with a standing ovation and chants of “Long Live Kurt” from the enthusiastic crowd.

The GFA elections, scheduled for October, will see the election of new executives, including the highly contested position of the presidency.

Okraku’s confirmation sets the stage for a competitive race, as former Ghana Football Association Vice President George Afriyie and Kojo Yankah have also declared their desire to run for the presidency.

Afriyie, who lost to Okraku in the 2019 elections, is considered a formidable candidate with the potential to challenge Okraku’s leadership.

The upcoming elections are expected to be closely watched by football enthusiasts and stakeholders as they determine the future direction of Ghanaian football.

As the race for the GFA presidency intensifies, all eyes will be on the candidates as they present their visions and plans to move Ghana football forward. The upcoming election promises to be an exciting and pivotal moment for the future of the Ghanaian football administration.