‘Let’s Commit To Safeguarding The Ocean’

Dignitaries in a group photograph


Deputy Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Ransford Sakyi, has called on stakeholders to support the government in safeguarding the ocean.

Speaking at this year’s World Ocean Day, Mr. Sakyi said the ocean plays a vital role in the planet’s health and well-being, covering 70% of the planet and 97% of earth’s water.

He stressed that the ocean is essential for human life, providing food, shelter, livelihoods, and medicines, and contributes an estimated $2.5 trillion annually to the global economy

He further stated that the effects of anthropogenic actions remain a concern and it is well known that the ocean is in grave danger, adding that, if the situation is not addressed in time, it may escalate.

“As we come together to mark this important day, let us reflect and commit to a shared responsibility of safeguarding and conserving these invaluable resources for current and future generations,” he added.

Speaking on the theme, “Awaken New Depth,” Minister for Environment, Science, Technology, and Innovation (MESTI), Ophelia Mensah Hayford, emphasised the need to protect the ocean.

She added that the ocean’s relationship with humans needs a shift to awaken new depths and focus on research, conservation, and sustainable practices as it has been burdened with threats such as ocean pollution, overfishing, illegal fishing and piracy, climate change, and ocean acidification among others.

“We are therefore called upon to unite in exploring new depths towards managing, protecting and sustaining our ocean health towards achieving a bluer, safer and better ocean lifestyle.”

“Let us awaken to the depths of our responsibility and take the necessary actions to safeguard the future of our ocean, our planet, and our collective well-being,” she said.


BY Prince Fiifi Yorke