Majority Chief Whip Leads Election Committee of Pan African Parliament To Elect New President

Frank Annoh Dompreh- Nsawam/Adoagyiri MP and Majority Chief Whip on Wednesday, led the Elections Committee of the Pan African Parliament (PAP) to elect a new President of the House and other Bureau members with support from the African Union Legal Counsel.

As such, the confusion at the Pan African Parliament has been overcome this year and has been able to restore peace following the election of a new President.

In a report read on behalf of the ad-hoc committee of the Pan African Parliament, Frank Annoh- Dompreh said “the clerk to parliament called for submission of nominations of candidates on the 22nd June 2022, therefore in furtherance of rule 16.3 of the rules of procedure, a five-member ad-hoc committee comprising of a member each from the five Regional caucuses was duly constituted to organize and preside over the election of the president of the Pan African Parliament and other Bureau officers”.

Annoh-Dompreh in a statement said, “We used these as reference documents, we paid attention to the protocols to the treaty establishing the African Economic Committee relating to the Pan African Parliament, we also looked at the rules of procedure of the Pan African Parliament, modalities for the election of the PAP rule of the sixth parliament and lastly a list of nominations submitted by the five regional caucuses “.

“There was only one candidate for the position of president as submitted by the caucuses, for this reason, the committee presents to you the following as nominee for the position of president for PAP, name Chief Fortune Charombira, Zimbabwe Southern Region”.

For the position of Vice president, the review of the election for the position of Vice President was also guided by rule 15.1, particularly in the area of Regional balance and equal representation of men and women.

The Committee noted that all the regions presented two nominees comprising one male and one female.

However, the Committee noted the withdrawal of the candidature of the Hallo Mohammed Ibrahim from the Eastern Region and Senator Monitor from the Central Region, these two candidates withdrew their candidature.

In that regard, the committee presents the under-listed nominees for the position of vice president as follows; Dr. Ashibel Gayo, Ethiopia, Eastern region, Salie Dakwei, Libya Northern Region, Prof. Masudi Mohammed, Mauritania Northern Region and Dauda Mahamadu Marty, Niger Western Region.

Before the elections, a five-member Ad-hoc Committee comprising members from each Regional Caucus was constituted to organize and preside over the elections of the President of the Pan Africa Parliament and other bureau officers.

They include Janet Kabile of DR Congo (Central Africa), Thembekile Richard Majola of South Africa (Southern Africa), Sen. Stewart Madzayo of Kenya (Eastern Africa), Frank Annoh Dompreh of Ghana (Western Africa), and Fateh Boutbig of Algeria (Northern Africa).

The Bureau of the committee, however, appointed Fateh Boutbig as Chairman, Frank Annoh-Dompreh as Deputy Chairman with Senator Stewart Madzayo being the Rapporteur.

Annoh Dompreh who steered affairs during the elections declared Senator Chief Fortune Charumbira, the sixth President of the Pan-African Parliament (PAP) in an election held on Wednesday.

He went unopposed since he was the only candidate submitted by the Southern Caucus.

This is because the Northern Regional Caucus opted not to field a candidate.

Chief Charumbira received an affirmative Majority vote of 161 votes out of the 203 votes cast to emerge the winner in an election conducted at the seat of the Parliament in Midrand, South Africa.

The newly elected President of PAP, Fortune Charambira expressed his gratitude to the committee and all members of the Pan African Parliament and promised to be a President for all

BY Daniel Bampoe