Man Allegedly Kills Nephew over Missing Goats, Fowls

Residents at Dofor Adidome in the North Tongu District are yet to come to terms with the alleged murder of a young man by his own uncle.

The incident which happened about a month ago, has left residents of the area in a state of shock and mourning. They have wondered how Matthew Ameka aka Wosror managed to shoot his own nephew; 22 year-old Gabiel Avemegah in the chest on that fateful night.

They are however grateful that the suspect has been remanded into police custody since his arrest last month.

One of them narrated that prior to the shooting incident, the suspect accused the deceased of conspiring with some friends to allegedly steal his (Matthew) goats and fowls. According to the accusation, since the deceased was fond of bringing his friends to the community, the missing goats and fowls may have been stolen by these friends of his nephew.

The suspect, Matthew went on to institute a one man community watch dog and made several announcements through the community information centre to that effect. He also instituted a curfew in the community directing all residents to be indoors by 9:00pm. They did otherwise at their own peril.

The Assembly member of the community got wind of the unlawful curfew and threats made by the suspect and caution him against it.

Few days later, the deceased who had gone to drop off a friend on his motorbike in a nearby community at about midnight, met his untimely death on his return home.

Just as the deceased Gabriel was about 300 meters to his house, his uncle stopped him and asked him to drop off the motorbike. As he complied, his uncle allegedly shot him in the chest at close range and ran off.

Gabriel did not die on the spot even as he bled and was in pain. He managed to reach home and kept mentioning his uncle’s name while calling for help. His father rushed from the room and found his son fighting for his life. Gabriel is said to have told the father he was shot by his uncle before breathing his last.

His father then rushed to his brother’s house and found him with a gun. He questioned him, but Wosror ignored him.

Gabriel, who had bullet pallets perforating his lungs, heart and portions of the rib cage was rushed to the hospital where he was confirmed dead. His body has since been deposited at the morgue awaiting autopsy.

The Police were informed and Matthew was arrested and arraigned. He is to reappear on Wednesday 21, July 2021, a Police source confirmed.

From Fred Duodu, Ho (