Man Kills Son


The Nsawam Police Command is holding a 40-year-old Nigerian man identified as Justice, known locally as “Oga,” for allegedly killing his son and secretly burying him.

The suspect, a hardware seller, lived with his wife, also a Nigerian and three children including the deceased at Kyekyewere, a community near Asuboi along the Accra to Kumasi Highway in the Ayensuano District of the Eastern Region.

According to a report, the suspect, now in police custody, had a history of aggression towards his family, as he frequently beat his wife and children, and his violent behaviour went unchecked as the community feared his wrath.

A resident who confirmed the incident to DAILY GUIDE, explained that last Thursday, the suspect was seen carrying his severely beaten child into a taxi.

He then took the child to the Nsawam Government Hospital, after he fell unconscious, where the medical staff confirmed that he died on arrival.

The motive behind the severe beating that led to the child’s death remains unclear, though it is noted that the deceased, Wisdom, did not attend school and was often confined to the house.

The boy reportedly defied his father’s orders to stay indoors, which may have led to the fatal beating.

However, the Assembly Member for the area, George Oboubi, decided to follow up on the child’s condition.

When questioned, Oga claimed the boy had died of malaria and was in the mortuary. He later changed his story, admitting that he had buried the child in a public cemetery.

Oga’s inconsistent accounts raised suspicion, prompting Oboubi to involve the police.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that Oga had buried the 10-year-old boy, without a coffin, allegedly paying and convincing the Nsawam cemetery workers to do so.

The Assembly Member then informed the police, who stormed the cemetery to exhume Wisdom’s body and arrested Oga.

Meanwhile, the suspect, as gathered, will be arraigned before a court in Nsawam today to face the law.

His wife has since fled the town with the two children to an unknown location.


BY Daniel Bampoe