‘Marriage Is No Child’s Play’

Mercy Balogun

Nigerian author Mercy Balogun, otherwise known as Mercy B, has stated that her new book- ‘Fall In Love With His Vision Not His Wallet’ – is for anyone who wants to understand the fundamentals of enjoying a successful relationship or marriage.

According to her, the book was inspired by her experience in marriage and the recent increase in the rate of people divorcing from their marriages.

Using her story as a background, she lays out the best biblical principles of finding the right partner and maintaining a lasting relationship in marriage. She discusses what men and women want and highlights key elements for those who desire to enter into lasting relationships.

Speaking at a brunch with a section of Ghanaian media on Tuesday at the Labadi Beach Hotel in Accra, Mercy B said, “Marriage is not for babies. You can’t enter into marriage and after just six months you say I’m bored I can’t go on. Why? Because your husband snores, the guy is not romantic, the guy doesn’t bring me flowers, the guy is dirty. Who goes around divorcing a man over that?

According to her, marriage is an institution that one must be prepared for, both physically and spiritually before going into it. People should, therefore, read her book to learn more.

“Marriage is for mature people,” she also added.

Through ‘Fall In Love With His Vision Not His Wallet’, Mercy challenges singles, the married, old and young readers to shine wherever life takes them and live a life that is devoted to God.

The book was released in 2017, and it is currently available on Amazon and will be available in Ghana soon.