Ministry Allays Fear Over Scarcity Of 32 Passport Booklet

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration says the delay in processing of 32-booklet passport is as a result of the booklet scarcity.

A statement to announce the shortage of 32-page passport booklets attrubuted the shortage to supply-related challenges.

The Ministry has, however, assured that efforts are underway to rectify the situation to ensure the availability of the 32-page passport booklets within the shortest possible time.

Adequate measures, the ministry noted are being put in place to prevent similar future occurrences.

However, the ministry said the 48 booklets are in stock as interested applicants can apply for them through the online application platform.

The statement stressed that the fee for the 48-page booklet remains unchanged.

It continued that for expedited service, applicants will pay GHS200 while regular service costs GHS150.

By Vincent Kubi