Mzbel, Afia Schwar Fight Over Josh Laryea

Showbiz personalities Afia Schwarzenegger and Mzbel are back to fighting on social media again.
It doesn’t look like they will ever give peace a chance.

This time their fight is among other issues about gospel musician, Josh Laryea.

Afia alleged that she helped Mzbel falsely accuse Josh Laryea of raping the musician and Mzbel lied.

“Mzbel lied! Josh Laryea never raped her and I have asked God for forgiveness. Any day the man brings the case up, I will defend him. When Mzbel was attending ICGC, the members were scared of her and didn’t want to accept her. All the men in Mzbel’s life abandoned her and she later resorted to joining a church to find solace,” she alleged.

“She joined ICGC and Josh Laryea became her godfather. One year later, she accused him of rape.

I know the man has been hoping for redemption and the redemption is today. The name clearing is now,” Afia concluded in aTik Tok live video
However, Mzbel in response asked the general public not to give an audience, saying she never accused Josh Laryea of raping her.

She explained that she had only complained about certain activities in the church that made her uncomfortable and that she was treated poorly when she brought these concerns to light.

According to Mzbel, she was treated like an outcast after voicing her complaints and ultimately decided to leave the church.

She maintains that Laryea’s suspension from the church years later was unrelated to her and that this can be confirmed by ICGC Christ Temple leaders.

“I never accused Josh Laryea of rape; neither did I tell anyone that because that didn’t happen. I discovered some activities in the church that made me uncomfortable, and when I complained, I was treated like an outcast, so I left…

“Josh was suspended years after I left for reasons unrelated to me. You can confirm that with ICGC Christ Temple leaders,” she added.