Nigerian Skitmaker Allegedly Dies While Filming Skit


In a deeply unfortunate turn of events, Nigerian skitmaker Churchill tragically lost his life while filming a skit at a basketball court.

Reports reveal that the untimely incident occurred during the recording session, adding a somber note to the entertainment community.

A viral video circulating on the internet captures the distressing moment when the skitmaker while filming, dropped his phone on the ground.

The footage then shows Churchill attempting to leap and touch the basketball net.

However, the attempt took a tragic turn as he fell, and his head made impact with the ground.

Despite immediate efforts by colleagues to resuscitate Churchill, their attempts proved unsuccessful. Urgently rushed to an undisclosed hospital, the skitmaker was, unfortunately, allegedly pronounced dead upon arrival.

The news of Churchill’s passing has sent shockwaves through the online community, with fans and colleagues expressing their grief and disbelief.