Patience Nyarko Defends Rap Battles

Patience Nyarko

Gospel music sensation Patience Nyarko has voiced her support for the concept of rap battles, stating that there is nothing wrong with responding to violence if it brings personal relief. Nyarko made her comments during an appearance on UTV’s United Showbiz, where she discussed the ongoing lyrical feud between rappers Strongman and Kweku Smoke.
Expressing her discontent with the insults hurled at each other’s families, Nyarko clarified that while she disapproves of involving innocent parties, she does not condemn the rappers for engaging in a lyrical battle.
She emphasized the importance of responding to offenses, asserting that the inability to forgive and overlook may pose risks to an individual’s well-being.
Nyarko challenged the notion that Christians should always turn the other cheek, highlighting that even in Heaven, there was a misunderstanding. She stated, “If someone offends you, and you don’t feel like forgiving the fellow; you want to retaliate, retaliate, but don’t include innocent ones.”
She concluded by normalizing the act of retaliation and rejecting the notion that Christians are exempt from responding to provocations, asserting, “Don’t make it seem as though Christians are not supposed to do so; that’s hypocritical; I don’t like that!”