Political Cobra On The Prowl (1)


Fifi Kwetey is the venomous viper or deadly cobra of our politics bent on using hate speech to derail our democracy, which despite our challenges gives the people the opportunity to participate in the governance process.

He can also be described as the herbivorous homo sapien who goes on the prowl everyday hooded, so it is difficult to ascertain his true identity as a carnivore ready to destabilise the political architecture in the name of NDC.

He is a tribal bigot that decent and well-meaning people from the Volta Region must disown before he makes Ewes in the North unwelcome while those there would be told they have outlived their welcome.

How can Fifi Kwetey describe an illustrious son of the North, Vice President Bawumia, to be a disgrace to his people “northerners”? We are sure Kwetey knows about the saying by the sages that if you point your fore finger at someone, the other four point at you.

Has he reflected well and done a good evaluation whether if anybody from the North is a disgrace to his people, then he must be looking within the leadership of the NDC? He will certainly find one; the person who committed Haram by donating pigs to a Muslim woman from the North, ordered his appointees to plant trees during the harmattan season in the North, promised the people of the North to establish a Guinea fowl project for the North, but when he failed he told Ghanaians the Guinea fowls flew to Burkina Faso.

If anybody qualifies to be described as a disgrace to the North according to the “epistle” of Fifi Kwetey, then he must be his candidate John Mahama who Martin Amidu had described as such somewhere in 2015.

He has an innocent face but he is a venomous viper. The serpent in politics who hides his character of a mystery dwarf behind the innocent face. Perhaps that false identity is to deceive Ghanaians to believe his fake sermons about a so-called rescue mission by his visionless NDC and its leader.

That deception is not as worrying as his recent mission to wreck the unity of the country which our neighbours in the sub-region envy. He started with drawing division between Ewes and Ashantis, but when that enterprise crumbled in his face, he turned to the North believing that with his leader from there he can get support to discredit the Veep.

A typical Ewe is satisfied with any exalted position and works hard to justify the confidence and trust so reposed in him. He has refused to represent the Ewe characteristics but rather be a war monger.

Although he does not put on those awful smocks with talismans all over them like his mentor Asiedu Nketia, he apes General Mosquito’s verbal diarrhoea that fouls the atmosphere like what used to be called the Lavendar Hill near Korle Gonno.


To borrow from his “mother” Mrs Betty Mould Iddrisu, “how dare they,” but in this context Franklin Fifi Fiavi Kwetey how dare you to stand on the soil of Northern Ghana and tell northerners not to vote for Veep Bawumia because of his ethnic identity.

It is generally held that he who the gods want to destroy they first make mad, because if that were not the case, why run down the ruling government’s flagbearer while attempting to sell yours who also comes from the North? Where is the logic in your claim?

We thought political parties in selling their candidates stick to the issues like in this case the strength of the digital economy and the 24-hour economy. The NDC itself is more confused about the 24-hour economy than the people they want to carry along.

The last time one Prof Oduro tried linking a shift in education to get the youth to appreciate the 24-hour economy. Perhaps since he understands pedagogy better than we do, he is also throwing in something. But we want to know why several months after suggesting the 24-hour economy as his major platform going into Election 2024, John Mahama is unable to engage the people in a public lecture on the subject.