Ras Caleb Blames Media For Decline In Reggae Music

Ras Caleb 

Ras Caleb Appiah Levi, a veteran Ghanaian songwriter and reggae artiste, says the Ghanaian media should be blamed for the decline in authentic reggae music in Ghana.

Speaking in an interview on e.TV Ghana’s Late Nite Celebrity Show with host Foster Romanus, Ras Caleb explained that the media is the cause for the seemingly dead nature of reggae music in Ghana.

‘’It is the fault of the media because they do not promote reggae music. I monitor radio and TV all the time and they do not give equal credence to all the genres,” he said.

“The media is starving the populace because they imagine what the people want. The people want messages and that comes through reggae music but right now they are playing body music,” he added.

Ras Caleb Appiah Levi is currently contesting the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) presidency with Bessa Simons.