Rawlings Condemns Fake Flyers

The Office of former President Jerry John Rawlings on Monday described as fake some flyers purported to have originated from him, which are being circulated on social media.

“The office had noted with concern virtual audio flyers with the images of the former President Rawlings, making the rounds on social media, commenting on the relationship of France and its former colonies as well as the ECOWAS currency, Eco,” a statement issued from the Office said.

A statement from the Office of the former President said: “The voice on the flyer is not former President Rawlings’ and those opinions have not be voiced by the former President on any platform.”

“We urge all who have come into contact with the flyer and its impersonation of the voice of the former President to totally disregard any connection to him.”

The statement said it was the fabrication of a faceless, mischievous and devious character.