RMU Club Lifts KGL Foundation Farmers’ Day Tennis

Chairman of Premier Tennis Club,  other club chairmen and captains


Regional Maritime University (RMU) Tennis Club won the 2023 KGL Foundation Farmers’ Day Tennis Tournament at the Premier Tennis Club, Tema.

The tennis extravaganza witnessed the spirited participation of four esteemed clubs, Tema Tennis Club, Sakumono Tennis Club, RMU Tennis Club and host, Premier Tennis Club.

The courts echoed with the sounds of cheers and the swift movements of skilled athletes, as the community came together to celebrate not just the sport, but also the rich agricultural heritage on Farmers’ Day.

At the end of the competition, RMU emerged as winners, with Premier Tennis Club second and Tema Tennis Club and Sakumono Tennis Club placing third and fourth, respectively.

Addressing the tennis family, Mr. Elliot Dadey, CEO of KGL Foundation, expressed his sentiments, saying, “Our Foundation believes in the power of sports to bring people together and foster a sense of community. The Tema 2023 Farmers’ Day Tennis Tournament encapsulates perfectly our dedication to creating positive effects through strategic initiatives.”

Adding a dynamic flair to the event, Footy Cash, a proud product of KEED; the gaming subsidiary of the KGL Group, supported the tournament, contributing to its overall success.

Mr. Elliot Dadey further commented on the collaboration with Footy Cash, saying, “We are grateful for the support of Footy Cash. This partnership is a testament to the diversity of our efforts in community engagement. Together, we aim to not only celebrate sports excellence but also create lasting memories that resonate with the spirit of giving back.”