Sister Derby, Edem Engage In Hot Exchanges

Musicians Edem and Sister Derby on Wednesday set social media agog with an argument over the recent incident involving Nigerian musician Omah Lay and a lady fan whose boyfriend jilted her for dancing with the musician on stage.

The argument started when Sister Derby weighed in on the controversy indicating the lady shouldn’t have apologised to the boyfriend. “E pain me waaa say the Omah Lay concert girl come out to explain.

Kai. Dancing k3k3. Youngins, not married, but taking this thing World Cup. Simple entertainment.

Jamaicans will be laughing. Boys will cheat publicly and not ever dare apologise publicly. The girl do yawa by apologising in my opinion,” she tweeted.

In a response, Edem emphasized the seriousness of relationships, drawing a parallel between relationships and marriages.

“If you no take relationship World Cup,you can’t take marriage World Cup…One be dress rehearsal one be show…???? Unless you no be serious,” Edem wrote.

The exchange took a personal turn when Sister Derby cryptically referenced Edem’s past experiences at events, prompting Edem to demand clarity and transparency.

The conflict reached a climax when Sister Derby accused Edem of attempting to pursue her female friend at a last year’s Global citizen event, leading to a public rejection. Edem vehemently denied the allegations, involving his wife in the dispute to emphasize his commitment to truth and transparency.

As the confrontation unfolded over three days, fans eagerly awaited each twist and turn, with emotions running high on both sides of the dispute.

Despite Sister Derby’s attempt to call a truce, the fallout from the clash continues to reverberate across social media platforms, leaving fans speculating about the future of this tumultuous online feud..