The Serpent In Our Politics (1)


One of the key drivers of democratic rule is the regular conduct of free, fair and transparent elections. Elections thus give the electorate the opportunity to make choices among, especially political parties after their candidates for president and parliament have presented their messages and platforms to the people.

These activities must also be done in a free and secure manner devoid of intimidation. Equally crucial is a credible electoral roll compiled by the election management body, in the case of Ghana, the Electoral Commission (EC) that also gives unfettered opportunity for those who are eligible to be on the roll.

During electioneering, the political parties are encouraged to mobilise the people within the remit of the country’s laws. That is why the people are constantly reminded that democracy is just not a number game but also about rules. Beyond these legitimate rules captured in our national constitution and other laws, the stakeholders in this endeavour try to build consensus among themselves and between the EC, hence the establishment of the Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC).

And as to be expected, the NDC, typical of the young boy owner of the ball being played on the public playground and realising that things are not going well for him and seizes the ball, the NDC leaders, unable to have their way, have pulled out of IPAC.

We have always said the NDC elements do not believe in democracy as they always want to have both their say and way.

They forget the very basic principle in democracy that says “majority carries the day.” Unable to whip the other members of IPAC to toe their line because the NDC lacks the superior argument, these people are the first to always storm out of meetings to accuse the EC of being in cahoots with the NPP to rig the elections.

The NDC has a split tongue, for if that were not the case why will their leader, John Mahama, criticise the Akufo-Addo government for imposing more taxes when during his reign he told the people without taxes the government could not discharge its obligations to the people.

Mr. Mahama is just living his assertion that as politicians they tell a bit of lies and truth to the people when seeking the mandate to rule. We keep warning about the NDC hypocrisy, especially during the run-up to the 2024 elections.

We must watch the NDC and its followers because they hardly speak the truth; the day they do so must be regarded as the slip of the tongue.

In other words, if the NDC asks you to look up and you don’t do otherwise by looking on the ground, a log will fall on your eye.